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About the Author

Thom Stark was a Fig Tree and Ledbetter scholar at Emmanuel School of Religion: A Graduate Seminary. He is a member of several professional societies, including the American Academy of Religion, the American Historical Association, the Society for the Scientific Study of Religion, and the Society of Biblical Literature. Thom’s academic interests include Second Temple Jewish History and Religion, Christian Origins, Second Testament Christologies, Ancient and Modern Apocalyptic Sects, Global Theologies of Liberation (Christian and Islamic), Interreligious Dialogue, Anthropology of Religion, Postcolonial Studies (African, Latin American, and Middle-Eastern), and Religion and Globalization. Thom has lectured on Second Temple Jewish apocalypticism, Christian origins, the Parables of Jesus, and early Christological controversies. In addition to The Human Faces of God, Thom is the author of several academic essays and a forthcoming monograph on New Testament Christological language understood in the context of broader second temple Judaisms, tentatively titled, Behold the Man.

Thom writes for the website Religion at the Margins, where he sporadically engages issues in religion, politics, and culture.

Thom is married to Erica Daniela Calderon, with whom he has one daughter, Gabriela Madeline Stark.